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MVI Live Stats has spent 11 years developing software tools to track advertising results so our clients could easily identify the best advertising alternatives. Simply put, this software will track all visitor movement on your site. We leverage the data collected and display hard data detailing what is working and what must be improved.

The four ways MVI Live Stats measures the effectiveness of your online advertising spend:

  1. Conversion Tracking -describes how many visitors to your site "convert" or buy product. By placing scripts on your site you can easily track visitors actions and insert that data into categories easily accessible, which can be filtered and refined to determine clues why visitors converted.

  2. Criteria Match Tracking -allows you to select what criteria you wish to track and the tools to capture the data. Criteria to select from: Customer name, address, city, State, zip code, Referring URL, Search engine, Keywords, entry pages, exit pages, IP, browsers and operating systems. The data is placed into categories as it happens and displays all supporting data about that visitor.

  3. Pages Views And/Or Duration Of Time On Site – Separating real time visitor data by time on site or the number of page views has many benefits. By isolating group of like users it permits you to filter additional data which reduces time necessary to determine what is working and what needs improvement.

  4. Filtering Historical Data -displays trends over the life of the data. All visit data can be filtered to isolate numerous groups of visitors. This custom tool allows you to use multiple filters for all historically data. Filters included: page views, unique visitors, return visitors, search engines, keywords, landing or entry page, exit page, IP, country, city, state, address and multiple filters.


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Web Statistics Visitor Tracking

Web Statistics Visitor Tracking
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Web Statistics Visitor Tracking Web Statistics Visitor Tracking Web Statistics Visitor Tracking Web Statistics Visitor Tracking Web Statistics Visitor Tracking
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