Real Time Web Analytics Tutorial
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Real Time Web Analytics Tutorial
Real Time Web Analytics Tutorial

Tour of Features of MVI Live Stats System

MVI Live Stats Web Analytics Tour

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The first page that you will see after signing up will be the MVI Live Stats Dashboard

Web Statistics Visitor Tracking
Web Statistics Visitor Tracking

The dashboard explained -

  • Welcome line will display the Company name
  • Profile is account name, email address, login and Address Lines
  • Account Information shows number of active site, Active Free Trials, Outstanding Balance, Active Credit card (last 4 digits) Next Bill Amount and Next Bill date.
  • We use Icons to denote portions of the MVI Live Stats system - Red X denotes not available for this site. In new and old accounts portions of these icons will be X'd Red.

View Your Statistics - Web analytics pages
Live Chat - Live Chat System
Custom Report - Custom Reports System
View Event Triggers - Event Triggers System
Upgrade your Free Trial - Move registration to paid stats
Manage Additional User - Enable other users of this system
View Site List - List all sites on this Stats system
Add Site - Allows you to add new site to your account
Edit Billing Options - Change or Edit options on any site in this account
Cancel Site - Allows you to stop billing on any previous paid site
Launch MVISLM - Launch MVI Sales Leading Tracking
Get Tracking Code - Get copy of the MVI Live Stats racking code
Manage Your Account - Manages all aspects of your account
Pay Your Bill - Location where you can manually pay your Stats charges
View Billing History - All prior history of billing for this account
View Upcoming Bill - View next bill

All locations are explained individually below this image.

View Website Statistics

This screen is the first of 87 analytics screens where you can view visitor actions on your site. All analytics are in real time and up to date to within 60 seconds. The navigation is intuitive and allows you to reach every section of the analytics system.

Web Statistics Visitor Tracking

Navigational Links from the Website Statistics

The main stats page allows you to reach all 87 displays screens. All screen display details about every visit on the site with details about individual visitors actions in real time (updated within 60 seconds). The detailed information provided:

  • Date/Time of Visit
  • Duration of Visit
  • Page Views
  • Events Triggered
  • Organization Name
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Postal/Zip Code
  • Country
  • Referring URL
  • Search Engine
  • Keywords
  • Entry Page
  • Exit Page
  • IP Address
  • User Agent
  • Browser
  • Operating System

Here is detailed view of one visitors to the website as it would be seen in MVI Live Stats system
Visit Details For XYZ , Inc. (
Web Statistics Visitor Tracking

Events Triggered
Web Statistics Visitor Tracking

Events Triggered
Web Statistics Visitor Tracking

Geo Targeting

Geo targeting in internet analytics is the method of determining the geo-location (the physical location) of a website visitor based on his or her location, such as country, region/state, city, metro code/zip code.

How MVI Live Stats Geo Targeting Works:
The automated determination of user location- Geo Targeting will enable you to know the exact location within miles of the user accessing the internet. This differs from our MVI Live Stats IP tracking which looks up the ownership of the IP and displays the owner of the IP. person/organization/city-level geo-location information based on IP public records address.
Geo targeting uses trace-route, pings, and a combination of other tools and methods which created a database of IP's location matched to city and zip code area.

MVI Live Stats Geo Targeting works on the pre-analysis of the entire IP address space. There are more than 4 billion possible IP addresses, and detailed analysis of each of them is a Herculean task, especially in light of the fact that IP addresses are constantly being assigned, allocated, reallocated, moved and changed due to routers being moved, enterprises being assigned IP addresses or moving, and networks being built or changed. In order to keep up with these changes, complex algorithms, bandwidth measurement and mapping technology, and finely tuned delivery mechanisms are necessary. Once all of the IP space is analyzed, each address must be periodically updated to reflect changes in the IP address information. This process is analogous to Internet search engine spidering yet requires far deeper layers of intelligence to keep the information about the constantly changing 4 billion-plus IP addresses current.

Providing Map & Details About Each Visitor

Web Statistics Visitor Tracking

Details For Switch & Data (

Visit Details
Date/Time of Visit:
04/01/2010 06:51:59PM
Duration of Visit:
Page Views:
Events Triggered:
PPC Visit:
Geo Organization Name:
Switch & Data
Geo Domain:
Geo City:
Geo State/Province:
Geo Postal/Zip Code:
Geo Country:
United States
Whois Organization Name:
Switch & Data
Whois Address 1:
1715 N Westshore Blvd.
Whois Address 2:
Suite 650
Whois City:
Whois State/Province:
Whois Postal/Zip Code:
Whois Country:
United States

Enterprise Level Advanced Filtering For Analytics

Live Stats Analytics has made it easy for the site owner and staff to practice performance focused marketing. "Enterprise Level Advanced Filtering Analytics Features" are easy to use and understand.

Advanced Filtering SegmentationIsolate and analyze subsets of your traffic. Select from predefined custo segments such as "PPC Traffic" and "Visits with Event Triggers" or create any one of a dozen new custom segments with a flexible, easy-to-use filtering system. Apply segments to current or historical data and compare segment performance side by side in report

Advanced Filtering Features

Web Statistics Visitor Tracking

Custom Reports
Create, save, and edit custom reports that present the information you want to see organized in the way you want to see it. A state of art interface lets you select the metrics you want and define levels on any report. Once created, each custom report can be stored and available for as long as you want it.

Filtering Dashboards
No more wasted time producing reports. Put all the information you need on your dashboard and submit all data filtering is performed automatically and stored for later use or output in Excel format.

API Developer Zone
Export data, create integrations, and develop client applications with the Live Stats Analytics Export API. Customize Live Stats Analytics tracking using newly created Developers API.

Advanced Analysis Tools
Perform advanced data analysis quickly and on-the-fly of multiple tables and segments.. Live Stat's filtering tools let you dig deeper and manipulate data and display the results, store it in database or exported to Excel.

Monitor Significant Events
Live Stats Analytics monitors your website and automatically alerts you of significant events. These events are recorded in data base and if requested will send you email alerts, detailing the event and all data about the visitor that triggered this event. You control what events you want to monitor at "Event Triggers' location, and you can set up custom alerts to notify you when specific thresholds are reached.

Custom Variables
Custom variables allow you to define multiple, and even simultaneous, tracking segments based on visitors actions. Custom variables provide you the power and flexibility to customize Live Stats Analytics and collect the unique site data most important to your business.

Data Export
Export your data with the Live Stats Developers Zone API or by exporting your data directly from the Live Stats Analytics interface into Excel files.

Track Advertising

Track visitors, both unique and return visitor into conversions. Measure your site engagement goals and learn which of your advertisements are producing results. While defining the what pages, keywords, ad messages produce the best results.

Track Google AdWords and Content Ads Results
Optimize your AdWords performance with post-click data on your keywords, search queries, visitor trails, exit pages and purchase conversions and more. Our Google data shows visitors GEO location, IP owner's name which, differentiate Live Stats from Google. Live Stats provides details on users while Google displays only totals. Live Stats separates content ads traffic from Google ads traffic with reports that show publishers which site content generates the most revenue.

Tracking Any Ad Campaign
Track email campaigns, banner ads, PPC ads, offline ads and more.

Purchase Reporting
Trace transactions to campaigns and keywords, get return buyers and previous site visitor's metrics, and identify your best revenue sources.>

Multimedia Tracking

Flash, Video, PDF's and Social Network Tracking
Track visitor use of your Ajax, Flash, social networking and Web 2.0 applications.

Internal Site Search
Understand visitor intent; find out what your customers are really looking for to facilitate speed to required results.

Mobile Tracking
Track mobile websites, mobile apps and web-enabled mobile devices, including both high end and non-javascript enabled phones.

Sharing and Communicating

Email reports
Schedule or send ad-hoc personalized report emails that contain exactly the information you want to share.

Sophisticated administrator and user controls
Control how sensitive data is shared and which reports are available to users on your account.

Charting Data

Advance Filtering
Sophisticated multi-dimensional analysis enables all Live Stats Analytics reports to become a live display. Select metrics to analysis with immediate view how these metrics correlate. Choose the metrics you want to compare and expose data relationships that would be difficult to see in traditional reports.

Geo Targeting
Identify each visitor by geographic markets all the way down to zip code. Enabling Live Stats users to study each visitor and his reactions to all web features against any data collect in Live Stats.

Customize Reporting
Visualize your visitor's use of your website pages, forms, ecommerce, video, Flash features, PDF's and more. Fix leaks by learning which pages result in lost opportunities and what alternative trail your visitors used.

Event Triggers
Scripts that track any event you wish to follow on your web pages. These events are charted against all variables and all data collected. With email alerts and export features.

See summary metrics in the context of historical, date specific or as it happens.

Charts Section

The charts section contains 12 different charts all selected from the lefty navigation under charts. The time is selected at the top of all charts. The details or drill down levels can be reached by clicking the details icons on any chart.

Keyword Charts
The keyword chart shows all keywords used by search engines to send visitors to your site. The time period is control by viewer is the site. The details icon on the right side would display additional information about each keyword visitor. All charts are color coded to match listing below.

Web Statistics Visitor Tracking

Charts Not Shown are:

Entry Pages - Shows pages where visitors entered with details of visit.
Exit Pages - Pages where visitors exited your site and details of visit.
Bounced Pages - Visitors arrived and left from same page and details
PPC Entry Pages - Tracks all Google PPC traffic to your site
Pages Viewed - What pages were viewed total number of times
Trails Followed - Exact order of pages viewed and details of visit
Referring URL - Previous site on before visitor your site and details of visit
Search Engines - Search Engine used to find your site and details of visit
Countries - Country visitor originated visit and details of visit
Browsers - Browser used when viewing your site and details of visit
Operating Systems - Computer operating system used and details of visit

Graphs Section

This section displays info in graph format, with time period selected at the top of the form. It provide summary of time periods and all details are available by clicking the Details icon.

All Visits Graph
All graphs appear similar format with time selection on the top of graph, the period selected are show on graph format and the details are available in the white graph below on the right side.

Web Stats visitor analytics

Web Stats visitor analytics

Graphs Not Shown

Unique Visits - First time visitors to your site and details of visit
Bounced Visits - Visitors that only viewed one page with details
Page Views - Page Views and the details of each visit
Events Triggered - Events Triggered with details of each triggered event

Who's Online Now

This display s visitors online in real time (within 60 seconds) and provides details of each by name, address and locations of IP, keyword searched engine used, Jigsaw Icon to look up visitor company, and balance of details offered on all other displays. As you can see there are 11 visitors on live now as shown in green, you would be able to move right and view the search engine used, keywords entered, page entry, IP, Browser used and operating system of the visitor.

Web Stats visitor analytics

Create Custom Report

This display allows you to create a report and export it from the system. The report is exportable, can be saved, and stored for later viewing. Custom reports allows you to show just the data that you want.

Web Stats visitor analytics

Create An Event Trigger

Creating event triggers is determine by you the website owner, by selecting the event trigger name, type of event triggers, selecting the event to trigger, select the pattern , email notification and insert directly into Sale lead Management Software. When completed you will copy the scripts created and paste that script on the appropriate web page.

Web Stats visitor analytics

Live Chat Options

Live Chat options are viewable for both pro Active live chat and static Live chat. The options Allow for multiple operators, multiple departments, multiple chat conversations at the same time and will display the history of all chat conversions.

Web Stats visitor analytics

Site Settings
The Time zone, site names being tracked and the IP filter to remove any unwanted IP in your results.

Web Stats visitor analytics

Tracking Code

Most analytics features work a single code that is placed on your website pages. To operate properly the code needs to be on each page being tracked.

Web Stats visitor analytics

Launch Sales Lead Software

The sales Lead software by MVI allows the user to launch the system shown below. The screen displays the all information collected by web site forms, or manually inputted. The system assigns the input to a sales person or assign to sale manager for reassignment. Comes complete with Calendar, contacts, documents, email, leads, notes and history folders.

Web Stats visitor analytics

Manage Your Account

Allows the user to control his account and credit cards for payment.

Web Stats visitor analytics

Create Additional Users

Allow you to add additional users to your site.

Web Stats visitor analytics

Make A Payment

Payment procedure from the dash board.

Web Stats visitor analytics

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Real Time Web Analytics Tutorial
Real Time Web Analytics Tutorial
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