Real time live stats pricing
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Real time live stats pricing
Real time live stats pricing

Live Stats Pricing

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$14 per month for up to 100,000 page views
per month
- Yearly subscription at $140 Save $28

All pricing  is controlled by the number of page views on your site. The minimum charge $14 per month  provides up to 100,000 page views, additional 10,000 page views can be purchased at the rate of $1.40 per month in advance. Click here to use our calculator tool to see how much your discount would be.

Need Help Setting Up MVI Live Stats

You may need help setting up the scripts, Live Chat, Event Triggers,  Custom Reports or find yourself wondering how to make sense of it all. How can this information be used to make you money?  We offer  a Startup Plan. This package is $300 is designed to introduce you to the MVI Live Stats software while keeping costs under control. This start up services include installation of MVI Live Stats code snippets, configuration and 1 hour training on Live Chat, Event Triggers and Custom Reports. 

Software Features included

  • Real-Time visitor monitoring
  • Determine IP owners name and address
  • Availability 24/7 via password-protected doorway
  • Conversion tracking technology
  • Email alerts or insertion into sales software
  • Multiple analytics tools to monitor your site visitors
  • Create custom reports and export documents
  • Drill down into visitor data quickly
  • Improve your web traffic knowledge
  • 24/7 use of your stats
  • Daily backup of data
  • Tier 1 Redundant server hosting
  • Unlimited page views data retention
  • Password protected doorway
  • Multiple users
  • Creation of unlimited custom reports

Add On Services

Live chat is only $3 per user per month. Sales Lead Manager software is only $4 per user per month.

Large Accounts Volume Discounts
Some larger sites with large traffic in excess of million pages
views per week would also receive volume discounts. We offer the
following discounts to all large volume page view accounts:

Spent Monthly


Over $45.00

25% off

Over $100.00

35% off

Over $250.00

45% off

For example, if your account monthly balance is $45 per month a 25% discount or $11.25 would be automatically deducted and your monthly bill would be $33.75. If paid yearly this account would pay $337.50 saving additional $67.50.

Pricing Plan

MVI Live Stats does not anticipate any changes to the billing structure for the foreseeable future. All plans can be altered by the subscriber at any time to reduce or add additional services. All changes in billing methods will be d=noticed in advance and become effective in the next billing cycle if made 5 days prior to subscribers next billing cycle.

Custom Programming Solutions Take advantage of our technology which can be integrated into multiple marketing and tracking systems. MVI live Stats is a flexible system that features a customizable interface which can be customized for your company to create white label product.  We offer clients programming assistance as well as technical support and always welcome requests for new development. Please contact us for details.

Our custom software integration service can assist you in integrating MVI Live Stats into your existing website, sales software and integration into other applications. Our specialists are knowledgeable engineers that can trouble shot your infrastructure and provide options to make the most of the MVI Live Stats software.

We are so sure you will like our software we offer
30 Days For Free.    Click here to signup.

Web Statistics Visitor Tracking

Free Trial Procedure – No Credit Card Required
We make it easy to activate your free trial. Simply follow the steps below and you will be able to get started with Live Stats right away!

  1. Create a free account using your email address
  2. Provide Name, Address and the site you want to track
  3. After Submitting the registration you will receive verification
  4. email --you must respond to open your account.
  5. Once account is verified, simply place the MVI Live Stats code snippet on all the pages you wish to have tracked.
  6. The results will begin immediately
  7. At the end of the free trial you will be solicited to become paid member.  If you do not take action the account will grey out which will allow you to access the Dashboard but not allow you   to view the live stats.
  8. The live stats will be retained on our system and be available Should you want to rejoin later.
  9. Live Stats accounts when opened will remain accessible by password protected doorway. 
  10. If you forget your password just click on Forgot Password Link
  11. Support is available by email 

 Additional Information
The list below is the communications you can expect from MVI Live Stats once you have signed up for a free trial or activated your account:

  • After free trial starts you will be contacted by email to verify that everything is operational 
  • 15 and 5 days before expiration of the free trial, we will contact you to activate your account via an online payment form
  • You will receive updates on software improvements
  • All paid members will receive a 'payment notification' email

Payment Information
MVI Live Stats accepts only major credits cards for monthly payments as well as checks for yearly contracts.

Checks are acceptable only on yearly contracts.  No checks are
accepted for monthly payments

All service is suspended within 5 days if not paid.

Service is FREE for first 30 days and will be grey out if not paid by the 30th day. 

All services is renewable after it have been grayed out by login to your and paying the bill viewable.   If account has been grayed out  longer then 30 days the system will  retain all web analytics  and will be available by paying the month owed and one month in advance. 

Multiple Sites 10% to 33% Discount
MVI Live Stats software provides scalability utilizing tools that make it easy to manage multiple sites and users. Providing multiple site discounts to make our stats even more attractive to the professional SEO or webmaster.

For more information on  multiple site discounts.

Reseller Can Profit From MVI Live Stats
There are a number of reasons to become a reseller. The best reason is to allow multiple web sites MVI Live Stats data to be viewed with only one login.    One account can control accounts for - clients, colleagues or multiple company sites and receive a discount from list price. A reseller utilizes one login to view all site data. A reseller allows others to view just one site from there login without having to share login, password and permissions. With a reseller account you can sell MVI Live Stats to third parties and profit from the bulk discounts. Please contact us for further details concerning reseller options or click hear to read more.

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Real time live stats pricing
Real time live stats pricing
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