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October 2012 - Why Use MVI Live Stats
Do you and your web team have real time analytics data about the visitors to your website?
Are you trying to optimize, add relevant content or create PPC campaigns without knowing who is visiting, how long they are staying and which pages are viewed? Analytics is necessary to resolving these and other marketing questions in today's competitive web promotion. Read More

July 2012 - Real Time Knowledge
There are many philosophies regarding which marketing techniques are the most-effective. To actually prove which technique is the most effective requires real statistics, or hard data demonstrating which methodology, why it worked and what target market was penetrated. In the end, the only way to capture real insight is to review analytics data that harbor the answer. Read More

February 2012 - Turn Visitors Into Leads
MVI Live Stats help businesses convert visitors to real customers with their sales analytics platform. Using real-time algorithms, Live Stats takes visitor data and provides their clients with company profiles, financial results, positions, emails, phone numbers and other relevant information which in turn allows them to tailor their website to customer's needs and convert them into paying clients. Read More

December 2011 - Does Your Web Team Knows Who's Using Your Website?
Perhaps the most visible difference between MVI Live Stats and other systems is the ability to understand what every single dashboard and report displays. And that's just one of many major leaps forward in usability plus the ability to simply click any interesting data point to dive deeper. Read More

October 2011 - Tech Direct
MVI Live Stats Web Site Analytics display data about each individual visitor within 60 seconds from the time they reach your website. By matching the visitors IP with public records and display the visitor IP Name, Address (within 60 seconds) and we provide Jig Saw lookup that allows you to research the visitor company further acquiring telephone numbers, company sales and product information and website. Read More

April 2011 - New Hosting Platform
MVIliveSTATS is proud to announce the completion of expansion plans by increasing the hosting platform. This work was finalized and placed live in April/May 2011. The new cloud platform will enable MVIlivestats to expand the number of users and the capacity to deliver the handle the statistical work. The final testing is now complete and the new platform went live May 12, 2001

March 2011 - Web Tracker Award
MVIliveSTATS was selected as the winner of Web Tracker award for excellence in statistical analysis for SAS web site visitor tracking software. The award is presented yearly to the most innovative development. The ability to sort and analysis data was singled out as the prime advantage over other competitors in the same price range. Live Stats rents for $14 per and on average 65% less then other vendors in this category.

February 14, 2011 - Advanced Filtering Segmentation
Isolate and analyze subsets of your traffic. Select from predefined custom segments such as "PPC Traffic" and "Visits with Event Triggers" or create any one of a dozen new custom segments with a flexible, easy-to-use filtering system. Apply segments to current or historical data and compare segment performance side by side in reports. Read More

December 3, 2010 - Advanced Analytics Filtering
The development team of Live Stats is proud to announce the immediate release of Advanced Analytics Filtering and Exporting. This release is a major improvement in the Live Stats Series which includes a vast improvement to filtering and a large number of new features and bug fixes. This development took many months to program but will be offered at no additional cost to MVI Live Stats users. Advanced Analytics Filtering of visitor activities is a huge step forward in presenting custom analytics data to user specifications. The AAF tools controls all analytics displays on-the-fly from any detail page in Live Stats software. Read More

April 3, 2010 - Geo Targeting
The development team of Live Stats is proud to announce the immediate release of Geo Targeting. This release is a major improvement in the Live Stats Series which includes a large number of new features and bug fixes. This feature follows months of programming and will be offered at no additional cost to MVI Live Stats users. Geo targeting in internet analytics is the method of determining the geo location (the physical location) of a website visitor based on his or her location, such as country, region/state, city, metro code/zip code. Read More

December 2009 - New Platform With Additions
MVI Live Stats was opened replacing the older MVIliveSTATS format. This new platform will use different tracking scripts and improved SAAS functionality. The beta version was tested in November December and pushed live December 16, 2009. The new platform has multiple new features in custom reports, Live Chat, and analytics functionality. This is final step in the initial development of MVI Live Stats that begun in early 2008.

September 2009 - New Features Added and New Look Released

Pay Per Click (PPC) Visit Tracking
MVIliveSTATS now allows you to easily identify and track your visitors who were referred by Pay Per Click (PPC) Google advertisements. This improves your ability to determine which of your PPC campaigns are the most effective. The PPC traffic is detailed on the "Charts" navigation item titled "PPC Entry Pages". The PPC data will also be displayed in the "PPC Visit" column on "All Visits" and further filtering is available in the "Custom Reports" section.

Pages Viewed Chart
A new chart has been added to the "Charts" section named "Pages Viewed". This will allow you to quickly determine which of your pages are the most popular. This new chart shows which pages on your site are the most viewed pages regardless of whether or not they were entry, exit, trail pages and bounced pages.

New Website
We are proud to announce the new release of our website In addition to our fresh, new look, we have also provided extensive information about the power and flexibility of MVIliveSTATS. The new website look and layout was triggered by your feedback and has been optimized to improve ease of use. Our new dynamic navigation will guide you to important information while providing a trail of where you were on the site. Our new "Related Links" are a quick reference to the most commonly used features.

Developers API Documentation
The new Developer API section provides documentation along with code samples and examples of programming. The API will enable site owners and developers to incorporate MVIliveSTATS statistics into any website or enterprise application.

Flash Tracking Documentation
This documentation provides detailed explanation of "How to Enable Flash Tracking For MVIliveSTATS". This feature has always been available but the documentation has been updated.

Improved Dashboard Navigation
The MVIliveSTATS dashboard has been enhanced with our new navigation system. Now, no matter where you are within the dashboard, you can access any of the other dashboard features right from the left menu.

August 2009 - Developer API Released

MVIliveSTATS is proud to announce the launch of our developer API. With it, developers can utilize all of the power of MVIliveSTATS within their sites. The initial API will allow developers to:

• Receive event triggers
• Access top 10 data for all categories
• Access top 10 for individual categories
• Access the data for charts
• Access the data for graphs
• Retrieve custom report data
• Retrieve live chat sessions
• Access the data for who's online
• Access the summary information data

The developer API can be accessed here here.

June 2009 - New Event Trigger Released

Criteria Match - our latest Event Trigger provides our users with the ability to create a trigger based on custom criteria that they enter. Imagine being notified immediately when someone who comes to your site is in the same zip code. Or imagine that there is a company that you are trying to do business with and you want to know when they come and visit your site. These are but just a few of the capabilities of the new Criteria Match Event Trigger. You can create criteria-based triggers based on any of the following options:

• Organization Name
• Address 1
• Address 2
• City
• State/Province
• Postal/Zip Code
• Referring URL
• Search Engine
• Keywords
• Entry Page
• Exit Page
• IP Address
• User Agent
• Browser
• Operating System

Criteria Match Event Triggers are available now. For more information on the benefits of Event Triggers, click here.

April 2009 - New Features Released

New Menu Navigation - our new menue system allows you easier access to all available features in MVIliveSTATS. Click the arrows next to the new expandable menu items to see lists of the different analytics reports available.

Smart Site Switch - for MVIliveSTATS customers with multiple sites, you can now easily switch between sites via the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. When you select a different site to switch to, MVIliveSTATS remembers the section you were in and automatically takes you to that same location on the site you are switching to.

Live Chat Sessions - for MVIliveSTATS users who utilize Live Chat, you can now view the history of those live chat conversations. Simply click on the Live Chat link in the navigation and then click the Chat Sessions icon. From there, enter the date range you want to view the chat conversations from and hit 'Set'. A drop-down will allow you to choose the chat session based on the date/time and operator who had the conversation.

IP Address Filtering - located in Site Settings, the IP Address Filter allows you to "filter out" IP addresses that you don't want to include in your reports. This is a great way to remove yourself from the reports to get a better handle on the "real" visitors who are interacting with your site. When managing Custom Reports, the IP Filter can be enabled or disabled to give you greater control over your data.

Browsers and Operating Systems - new analytics charts have been added that now allow you to see the top browsers and operating systems that your visitors are using when visiting your site. This can help you decide which browsers and operating systems your site should support in order for you to maximize the effectiveness of your site.

March 2009 - Upgrades to Billing and Pricing & New Features Released

New pricing structure and billing system - our new billing system has been integrated to cover new products and services.

New Customer Admin Area - MVIliveSTATS improved the admin section to allow for ease of use of MVIliveSTATS's website analytics. These new graphics and programming changes will go into effect in the 1st quarter of 2009. The primary purpose of the new admin area is to simplify the customer's use of the website analytics.

Pro Active Live Chat - Pro Active Live Chat was released in a Beta Version In December 2008. Final release for use was January 5, 2009. The Live Chat system has 4 more upgrades proposed for the 1st quarter of 2009.

Event Triggers & Insertion - Event Trigger tracking was released in a Beta version in the 4th quarter of 2008. Insertion of event trigger data directly into MVI SLM (Sales Lead Manager) was made available November 2008. Upgrades to the system to expand the different types of available event triggers were offered in December 2008. The full event trigger system went into Beta in December 2008 and was offered to subscribers in January 2009. Additional upgrades are in development and will be released in 1st quarter of 2009.

October 2008

MVIliveSTATS was placed into Beta 1.4 testing phase and will remain in Beta Testing mode for the 4th quarter of 2008. The site was released to the general public on October 17, 2008 limited to 500 sites and 5 million page views per site. During this Beta test phase, the software will included 14 new features. Several new features introduced were 3rd party event trigger insertions, MVISLM, reports upgrades, speed improvements, the ability to have sub-accounts, reseller programs, new chart technology, new display features and new correlation displays and 27 new features previously not released.

September 2008

MVIliveSTATS was released as a limited version to test its operation. This Alpha test was conducted under normal Internet operating conditions for a minimum of 20 sites and 1 million page views per site. The system operations were tested in this release and included collection, display, accuracy, format, speed, dispersal, programming and usability.

Please Help Propose New Development

MVIliveSTATS is a work in progress and we encourage all users to propose improvements and or new features by sending those suggestions directly to .

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