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Live Chat and Proactive Live Chat

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Live chat and Proactive Live Chat communication tools available to all MVI Live Stats users for an additional charge of $3 per month.

Our Live and Proactive Chat technology is immediately available to all MVI Live Stats user who has installed the tracking code on your  website. The code automatically enables direct live communication between the web owner and the web site visitor.

The uniqueness of our software is that web site owner can view information about website visitors in real-time before, during and after chatting with the visitor. Our software enables the owner to see the name, keywords used, pages entered and viewed. This knowledge makes the owners communication timely and intitutive.

The best way to determine if our Live Chat will work fororganization is to try our Free 30 Day Trial! 


Web Statistics Visitor Tracking

Live Chat Made Simple

Many sites need live chat but site owners do not want to make the commitment in time or money.  If you use MVI Live Stats the time to add is almost nothing and the cost is $3 per month.

Below is example of how status position Live Chat could be used on your site.  Our code snippet will fit on any Icon that you chose. We have presented several  Icons to demonstrate. 

Web Statistics Visitor Tracking
Live Chat
Web Statistics Visitor Tracking
Proactive Live Chat

Proactive Live Chat is Free feature provided in our MVI Live Chat program. 

Below is an example of the Proactive Live Chat notification which pops up after a preset time interval passes.   Click the "Yes" button below and then select the sales department to launch a live chat. If sales staff is not currently available, you will be prompted to leave a email message for our sales department.

Web Statistics Visitor Tracking

Live Chat Conversations Records Stored

MVI Live Chat retains history of all Live Chat and Proactive Live Chat conversations along with the stats tracking data of each person using Live Chat.

                                             Web Statistics Visitor Tracking
                                History of Chat Conversations

Web Statistics Visitor Tracking
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