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How often are my statistics updated?
MVI Live Stats is a real-time system. This means that you don't have to wait to view the latest traffic flow of visitors to your site. Updates occur on a continuous basis as information is received. Real-time means that you can view it happening on your site as it happens. However, there is slight delay on the initiation of visits because our algorithm runs once every 60 seconds. But this is nothing, on this site, everything happens quickly. We are ready to show you our speed of work.

Can I use MVI Live Stats on any site regardless of server location?
Yes. Any website on the Internet with a unique domain name can be tracked. To start receiving data, all you need to do is place the MVI Live Stats script on your site pages. The scripts are Javascript-based and work on any Javascript-enabled browser. Simply place the tracking code on any pages of your site that you wish to track. This can be achieved using a standard FTP program like you would use to make changes to any website on the Internet. (More information)

How many pages can be tracked?
MVI Live Stats tracks an unlimited number of pages. Unlike other analytical providers, MVI Live Stats does not charge by the number of pages that are tracked. Instead MVI Live Stats charges based on the number of page views from your visitors. You can place the script only the pages that you want MVI Live Stats to track to reduce the amount of page views incurred and thus reduce your costs.

How much of a delay is there before I can see results?
You will start seeing information coming into MVI Live Stats within minutes of putting the MVI Live Stats tracking code on your site. If you do not start seeing any analytics, then you need to go onto the your site and then go back to your MVI Live Stats stats to test the script. You will be able to view online visitors in real-time. Certain statistics won't be available until the respective time period has lapsed (ex: weekly statistics, monthly statistics, etc.). (More information)

Can I use MVI Live Stats on Database/Dynamically generated pages?
Yes. MVI Live Stats is designed to work with any type of html-based pages available on the Internet. This includes dynamically generated pages (JSP, ASP, PHP, .NET, ColdFusion, etc.). Pages are recorded based on URL. For best results, your page names should identify the contents of the page (ex: your contact info should be on a page called contact_info.php).

Who has access to my statistics?
MVI Live Stats is password protected. Only people who have your password may view your statistics. MVI Live Stats gives you the capability to create sub-accounts each with its own username and password to view your statistics. You can then restrict which one of your sites (if you have more than one) your sub-accounts would have access to. You may add/edit/delete sub-accounts at any time.

Will the code slow down my website?
No. The MVI Live Stats tracking adds around 1kb (kilobyte) to your page and will not increase your page's load time as it loads concurrently with the loading of your page.

Can I use MVI Live Stats on secure HTTPS web pages?
Yes. We have available SSL certificates which allows your page to track all of the information securely so as to not trigger any web-browser warnings that anything is un-secure on secure pages.

Can I add multiple sites?
Yes, MVI Live Stats provides the ability for adding multiple sites to an account for multiple site owners or resellers. Sub-accounts can be created to restrict access to specific sites. However, only the master account login can manage sub-accounts and make payments.

Can I access my analytics from any computer?
Yes. Your analytics can be viewed 24/7 from any computer with Internet access using your MVI Live Stats login and password details.

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