Real Time Event Analytics Triggers Alerts
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Real Time Event Analytics Triggers Alerts
Real Time Event Analytics Triggers Alerts

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MVI Live Stats if enabled can track specific events. 

Example: When visitor comes to you site and buys a product. Our Event Trigger if enabled will record that individual movement on your site, time on each page, keywords used, referring site and identify the IP of the visitor. We call this Event Triggers.

Event Triggers are available to all MVI Live Stats users at no additional cost. All event set up is done in the Event Triggers section of site owners admin. The site owner would identify what actions he wants special tracking and places script on the site. When a visitor triggers an event previously set all data about each site visitor that completed that event will be transferred into a Event Trigger log, for later review. Or the system could email the site owner every time the event is triggered.  On the right  you will see the action data emailed from an Event Trigger.

Event Triggers are used to identify any visitor that reaches a particular page, if tracking purchases or form fill outs the  code would be placed on the confirmation page after the form or order is submitted. You can track visitors that viewed a specific number of pages, or spent a specific time on your site and refine tracking by using the Criteria Match.

MVI Live Stats features 4 different kinds of Event Triggers:

Page View-
Each time a visitor arrives on a page it logs a event into the Event Trigger log. This is very similar to the a Google conversion

Criteria Match- Our most powerful type of Event Trigger, it allows you to set the specific criteria- You can track specific  IP use of your site, track all visitors that enter on one page,  from referring search engines, or keywords, Further still you can identify pages sequence. Criteria matching is very powerful.    

Total Page Views- With this event trigger, you set the amount of total page views that you want a visitor to reach and upon reaching that total, the event is triggered.

Total Time On Site- If you want to know whenever a visitor has been on your site for more than a certain amount of time, you would set up one of these event triggers.

Please view our user manual to learn how Event Triggers are setup and how they can benefit you.

Sample  Event Trigger

This event trigger demonstrates the power of this tool!

The event trigger posted below details the company name with search Engine used, keyword searched, pages viewed and details the actualEvent Triggered.  This Event can be emailed if requested.

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Real Time Event Analytics Triggers Alerts
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Real Time Event Analytics Triggers Alerts
Real Time Event Analytics Triggers Alerts
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Real Time Event Analytics Triggers Alerts