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Live Chat User Manuel

Users Manuel For Live & Proactive Chat Features

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This will provide the website owner with instructions how to use/manage the MVI Live and Proactive Chat system. The main Live Chat screen has different icons that you can click on to accomplish different live chat related tasks along with a complete explanation on how to get live chat up and running on your site. Below is a list of what each live chat sub-section does.

Launch Chat Monitor Window - This is where you go to actually sign into the live chat system as an operator. When you click on this icon, you will be taken to a screen which asks which operator you want to sign in as (an operator can only be logged in once). Once you select your operator, a live chat monitor window will be displayed. You MUST keep this window open in order to stay logged into the live chat system. Whenever someone on your site requests a chat, this window will pop up and sound an audible ringing tone to notify you that someone has requested a live chat session. The first operator to click on the Chat icon will be the one that will handle the session in question.

Settings - From here, you can set up how live chat will behave on your site. There are several options available so make sure you go through and set all of them up in a way that makes the most sense for you.

Departments - Allows you to add/edit/delete live chat departments. Departments are groupings which operators belong to. When an end-user requests a live chat, they select which department they want to communicate with and then only operators which belong to the department in question will receive the live chat request in their live chat monitor window. By default, the system is configured with one General department. We suggest that you set up your departments as needed (ex: sales, support, marketing, etc.) in order to better direct who receives your chat requests.

Operators - Allows you to add/edit/delete live chat operators. You can only have as many live chat operators as what you are currently paying for. If you are paying for 5 chat users, then you can have up to 5 chat operators.

Chat Sessions - This section gives you the ability to review any chats that have occurred in the past along with all of the information of the visitor which requested the chat.

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