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Billing And Payment Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your frequently asked billing and payment questions

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Payment By Credit Card All payments are to be made by credit card only, unless the account has prepaid for yearly service.

MVI Live Stats does not issue or send paper invoices to our customers. MVI Live Stats submits all invoices via an online payment system, and no paper invoice will be supplied. The online payment system enables you to present a credit card and pay your invoice online via your password-protected MVI Live Stats account page. Reminders are generated automatically to inform you on your MVI Live Stats account page as to your current billing status. Additionally, MVI Live Stats sends emails 5 days prior to your payment issue date informing you of your upcoming bill. If your invoice is not paid, a second notice will be sent 5 days later informing you that your account will be disabled in 5 days. If your payment has still not been received within 10 days after your invoice was issued, your account will be disabled.

Payments can still be made through your MVI Live Stats login even if your account has been disabled. Simply log into your MVI Live Stats account and make the necessary payments to re-activate your account. Payments are due either monthly or yearly depending on what you choose when you initially activated your account.

Automatic Credit Card Payments
If you have selected to pay via the automatic payment by credit card option, your card will be charged on the issue date of your invoice. If you do not select automatic payment you must login and pay your invoice online via credit card when the payment is due. All billing and payments will be tracked by MVI Live Stats on your MVI Live Stats dashboard. You can also login to your dashboard and view your complete transaction history whenever you want.

All credit cards are validated when first presented to MVI Live Stats's accounting system. If the credit card is invalid the system will advise and ask that you reenter the information or provide an alternative credit card. MVI Live Stats utilizes a 128-bit, secure SSL certificate to encrypt all transactions made through our payment system. This is to ensure that your private information is always protected while using MVI Live Stats.

If you wish to cancel your automatic payment settings with MVI Live Stats, simply log in and choose the cancel option for the site you wish to cancel. This can be done via the 'Manage Your Account' link located on your dashboard. This cancellation will cease all automatic billing immediately.

Special Handling Payments
Special handling payments occurs only for customers requesting to pay for 12 month (yearly) period and these arrangements can only be made via email or telephone 877-633-9536 x 300, between the hours of 8AM-5PM EST. Checks prepaying for twelve months in advance service will begin when the check has been processed. No paper invoices or statements will be sent.

Reseller & Multiple Account Holders
In the case of the reseller or multiple account holders the master login will be the only member account that will display billing or accept credit cards payments. All multiple sites and resellers receiving preferential pricing plans can transact through the master account holder login. You cannot have multiple accounts each paying the bill from site login. When a multi-site account holder or reseller wishes to pay for each site separately, you must remove the site from multiple site listing and open a new account with separate payment options. All account holders can add extra 'users' (sub accounts) via the "Manage Sub-Accounts" section within their account home page. These sub-accounts will each have a unique user login and password combination to login and use MVI Live Stats tracking data but cannot see billing and account information. Your account allows you to have as many users as you require. MVI Live Stats reserves the right to limit the number of sub-accounts on the system at any point.

Accounts that are resellers or have multiple sites can access all of their accounts and sub-account information via the master login. MVI Live Stats was built to make back-end administration simple and intuitive. The master login for multiple accounts is the only one capable of making payments. Additionally, the master login for multiple accounts does permit the use of multiple credit cards.

What Happens When An Invoice is Not Paid
If your account invoice is not paid by the due date the MVI Live Stats system will send email and advise the account holder that their data will still be collected but not viewable until the account balance is paid. The term that MVI Live Stats uses to distinguish these accounts is that they are 'disabled' meaning that the user will be able to access their dashboard but will not be able to click through the system and view their data. To keep your account from becoming disabled, we suggest using the automatic credit card payment system, which will enable MVI Live Stats to automatically charge your credit card on the issue date of the billing cycle.

Overages may be assessed if you have gone over the allocated amount of page views on a monthly basis. The overages are charged at a rate of $3 for every 10,000 page views you go over per month. The overage will appear on the subsequent bill after the overage took place. Overages are calculated at the exact end of your billing cycle and are rounded up to the nearest 10,000 page views.

Plan Changes
If you wish to change your plan, simply log into your account anytime before your next invoice is issued and make whichever changes you want. Changes will take affect starting at your next billing cycle. If you paid for your service annually, changing your plan during that year will take effect immediately and you will be billed monthly the pro-rated annual amount for those services based on the amount of time remaining on your annual subscription. Reducing services during the year, will take effect immediately, however the new rate for those reduced services would only take affect during your next billing cycle.

How to Re-activate Disabled Accounts
After your account has become disabled for non-payment of an invoice, your MVI Live Stats account login will still work and provide you the ability to always access your dashboard. When in your dashboard, you will be able to go to the payment page and place your credit card information into the MVI Live Stats payment section. As soon as the system accepts your payment, you will be allowed to view your MVI Live Stats data. Note: you will always be allowed to access your login regardless of payment status. If you do not login and pay your invoice, the MVI Live Stats data will stay disabled and be unusable until the invoice is paid. MVI Live Stats will collect your data and hold it until your account is paid up. Once payment has been verified you will re-gain access to your data immediately. There will be no loss of data for any period when your site is disabled. Note: The monthly payment cycle will remain the same and will not advance upon paying the account late. The payment date will always be the original monthly day that your account was opened.

For example; if you open the account on the 11th of the month the due date will always be the 11th. If you account was paid late, on the 19th the next due date will still remain the 11th of the next month.

There are no refunds provided on accounts on a monthly payment cycle. Refunds to yearly account holders will occur when requested by email and MVI Live Stats will refund all full months not used LESS a $10 service charge. Should you decide to cancel before the next payment due date, your account will remain active until the end of the existing paid period.

Reactivating Disabled Accounts
If an account was canceled for non-payment no additional invoices will be incurred by the account. When an account is not paid, MVI Live Stats will place the site as "disabled" and only the dashboard will be accessible. No other areas of the system will be available during this time. During the time when the account is disabled, MVI Live Stats will continue to collect data until the scripts are removed from your website. This data is later retrievable by paying the past due invoice and purchasing any data collected during the time when the account was disabled. All past due invoices must be paid in full in order to bring the account current and access data that was stored during the disabled time period. When an account is turned off permanently, no data is collected or stored. To reactivate a turned off account, you will have to open a new account and data will begin from the new account was opened.

For additional questions on billing you can email

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