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Developers explanation for API or White label Chat software

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Live Chat Integration and proactive live chat system that is integrated with MVI Live Stats allows developers to provide a robust chat application on their website, without any additional overhead. Since the chat is web-based (using the latest web 2.0 technology), there is no need to download additional software or worry about plug-ins. The proactive live chat easily integrates within your clients site and allows for a higher level of communication than ever before.

MVI Live Stats API (Application Programming Interface) for developers enables developers to download all the analytics data housed by MVI Live Stats for their website and display the data wherever they choose. The robust API provides the capability to interact with our data in over 50 different ways. The White Label product is due for release within the next 60 days. The following are just a few of the capabilities of the API:

  1. Utilize Live and Proactive Live Chat
  2. Display all Charts, Graphs and data available on mviSPY
  3. Customize Event Triggers
  4. Create new Event Triggers
  5. Add new users and create new sites
  6. Access updated data "As it happens"

The API is available at no charge to MVI Live Stats clients. Access to the API is available through your account login. To learn more about the API and how it works, please visit this link and download the API specification.

We encourage all developers, and site owners, to incorporate the API into your website. With the MVI Live Stats API, you can place visitor tracking capabilities directly on your website pages.

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