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Live Chat Capabilities Explained

Live Chat capabilities, chat history, visitor details and visitor stats.

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The chat tool is a $3 per month option available with your MVI Live Stats software. This option when enabled allows visitors to click a "chat live" and communicate directly with the site owner. This is Instant communication between the owner and the site visitor. All chat conversations are one-to- one private chat sessions. Unlike conventional Internet communication our Live Chat software permits the site owner to review the visitor's identity, pages viewed, time on the site and keywords searched.

NO Down Loads Required

Neither the owner nor the visitor has to download any program to use our software. Our Live Chat software is enabled by the web based MVI Live Stats code which when placed on the owner web pages automatically make live hat

Immediate Live Chat Use

When the owner selects the Live Chat option and registered  his users the Live Chat features immediate become live.

Complete History Of All Live Chats

All Live Chat communications history is retained for later  review. The chat history includes the identity of the visitor, an all data available from MVI Live Stats. This is stored in the database and available only to website owners for later review. This allows owners to review chat discussions by staff and look up visitor use of the site and correlate the actions with the chat discussions. If visitors request chat when owner is not available the system will automatically offer the visitor a email as alternative.

Web Statistics Visitor Tracking

       Live Chat Communications Within Minutes

MVI Live Stats communications tools works using the same code as Live Stats. So as soon as the code is installed the Live Chat will work.

            Web Stats visitor analytics

   Live Chat

Live Chat History Stored

MVI Live Stats retains all communication logs of every Live Chat.

Web Statistics Visitor Tracking
Web Statistics Visitor Tracking
Proactive Live Chat

Proactive Live Chat is Free feature provided in our MVI Live Chat program.  Below is an example of the Proactive Live Chat notification which pops up after a preset time interval passes.   Click the "Yes" button below and then select the sales department to launch a live chat. If sales staff is not currently available, you will be prompted to leave a email message for our sales department.

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Web Statistics Visitor Tracking
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